Project: Design for iOS application
Role: UX and Visual Design Lead
For: Reso, 2014

Reso is an early-stage startup, with a vision for enabling people to find, book and manage activities. It is an interesting space, as activities can cross many verticals, age groups and session lengths (haircut vs. quarterly dance lessons). Reso’s purpose, at the time, was three-fold: Serve as a discovery tool for available activities within a local area, offer a seamless booking engine which allows the user to pay for the activity through the app, and assist in the management of booked activities.

Knowing that Reso was entering a somewhat crowded space with niche players such as Red Tricycle and Style Seat, as well as broader services such as Yelp who aid in discovery and reviews, we searched for something Reso could truly own.

We designed an experience that would enable someone to view activity schedules in context of their native calendar, eliminating the need to switch between apps, which streamlines the process and saves some of what is so valuable to each of us – time.

Visual Exploration
A new product equals a blank canvas. I conducted visual research and created moodboards with the focus of appealing to both male and female audiences through friendly, open typography and a vibrant color palette.

The home screen displays the number of upcoming reservations (resos), which are viewable with one tap. New resos can be started from search or, scrolling down, right from the calendar. The calendar view from the home screen shows which days a reso has been booked, and if there is a schedule conflict with the native calendar.

Search Flow

Booking Flow